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Thursday, 19-Jul-2007 17:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sister found god.

I was doing a bit of cleaning up before bed last night. Sister was already in bed with the "Ayat Jamilah" book for me to read to her and bro. I was in the bathroom when i heard her telling me excitedly,
"ibu, i found god!"
Huh? Did I just heard her say she found GOD? And then
"Ibu, I know God!"
In my heart I was saying," Alhamdulillah! Tak sia-sia bagi budak-budak ni nengok dvd mengenal tuhan recently!" Lately I noticed that it isn't very hard for me to get to to solat befor going to bed. Suruh dia amek wuduk dan bentang tikar for her sekali dah okay. She will only ask whether she should do three times or four times (i.e. three sets for maghrib or four sets for 'isya'). But anyway, having heard her telling me she found god prompted me to leave whatever I was doing to go and ask her directly.
"You found God? Where? What does he look like (probably a wrong question to ask a 5.5 year old but I did not take child psychology in college!). Sister then pointed to me a word on the page in her ayat jamilah book.
"Here, G.O.D. god! I found God!"
Rupa-rupanya she wanted to tell me she found the word 'god' in her book, that she knows the letter g-o-d spells god. Ingatkan aper la.

Tuesday, 27-Feb-2007 00:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tentang Bulan

We received care package from Msia last week. Ada vcd Tentang Bulan. Kids have been watching it at least once a day. Sometimes they would sing out loud, "cita buatan alaysia (for cinta buatan malaysia). Just lip-synching without knowing what it is that they are saying. I've been using the movie to teach the kids about my own childhood (you mean you were little before? and you go to school??) and teach them bahasa. Kengkadang I cannot help but feel sad for my kids. The world is not always a safe and fun place for children anymore. I don't think I will feel comfortable letting them out of the house lepas maghrib to watch the moon or to hang out by the 'pangkin' by roadside at night like I used to be able to do way back when. During my time, lepas mandi and tukar baju tidur I'd sometimes hang out in front a friend's house. Some times a few moms would join in too. But usually it is just us kids, shooting bull or main kejar-kejar. Good thing my kids have each other. Kalau tidak I cannot imagine how boring their life would be. It is rather unfortunate that life has to be so structured and cleancut these days.

Friday, 9-Feb-2007 16:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sembang Sebelum Tidur

Kakak masih lagi seronok bercerita pasal gambar kawin my nephew. Tengok gambar pengantin perempuan dengan inai dan tiara dengan tudung berenda diapun teringin nak pakain macam tu. So I told her, nanti bila dia dah dewasa dan matang serba-serbi she will find a mukmin who, as it happen, is also looking for a mukminah. And if god wills it, the two paths will collide, and they will find each other and will promise to care for each other for a long, long time. That is why people get married. And she too will get married one day. Dia kata dia nak pakai inai macam kak yang dalam gambar tu. I told her, tunggulah. Nanti hari kakak nikah baru cantik pakai macam tu. In the meantime she should just concentrate on having the best childhood ever. But we talked about marriage a bit. I think at this point she thinks marriage is about a boy and a girl wearing pretty dress and taking picutre together. Last night as usual, sebelum tidur I turn on ustadz badrul amin punya alunan zikir. Sesambil ikut CD sesambil dodoi dia dan adik tidur. She asked me to put my hand on her heart,

“Ibu, can you baca ya latiff to my heart first?” I turn around and do her first. Selalu baca kat adik dulu.
“Ibu, is this singer a mu$lim m@n?” refering to ustadz badrul amin tunes coming from the CD.
“Yep. That is why he is teaching us to baca before we go to bed and when we wake up”.
“Is he a good mu$lim m@n?”
“I have not met him in person before. But I heard people say he is a good person.”
“Can I m@rry him?”

At that point I burst out laughing! Did not expect this line of questioning. Kena bury my head in the pillow on so that my laughs does not wake adik up. Ingatkan selama ni dia tak paham kita dok cerita-cerita dengan dia pasal nikah–kawin ni.

“Err, ibu think he is too old for you, kakak.”
“I am not big yet?”
“Yes, you are not big yet. But may be he has grandsons or great-grandsons that you can meet later okay?”

I told her to close her eyes and go to sleep (while I tell myself that I will kill whoever dare to break hers and adik’s hearts!)

Tuesday, 30-Jan-2007 14:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kompang Group Wannabees

Aaah..those pearlies.
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Over the weekend we attended a kenduri feast at a friend's house. It's been a while since she last saw her friends. So, si kakak is excited to melaram with her tudung and baju glamor. Dua tiga hari ni she has been wanting to put on her hijab when she goes to daycare. It's a good thing and a reasonable request. So, I let her. It all started since she saw a picture of some kids from my kampung who took part in my nephew's wedding - the kompang group. She would scrutinize the picture down to the finer details. How the girls folded their tudung, how the tudungs lay on their shoulders. Diapun nak yang ada manik-manik, down to the dresses and pinkish sandals the girls in the pix were wearing. I hope one good day she will get to meet and play with the kompang girls, Insyaallah. And adik is not to be outdone. When he saw kakak looking pretty in her tudung, he asked for his kuffiyah. When we get to the kenduri place, I reminded kakak that when she dresses in hijab, she should match good dressing with good manners. It worked for a few minutes. Then she saw her friends mock skating on the brand new wood flooring and no one was dressed like her this time. One look at her I can tell she wanted to change clothes. Good thing I was prepared. Bawak baju bekal just in case she changes her mind...

Tuesday, 23-Jan-2007 19:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Salam Tahun Baru

Bubur assyura - kedah style
Cinnamon rolls - before frosting
When I was little, come awal muharram my dear mom, in her usual non-formal way, will do her best to expose my siblings and I to a dose of religion. So, around second week of Muharram she will take out her two big 'talam' for washing and drying. And then once all the ingredients - tepung beras, gula, santan, pisang, keledek, kacang kijau, nangka etc - are cut and washed, in they go into the big pot. An hour or two later, the bubur sora is poured into the two big talam for cooling. And later to be distributed to all of our neighbors. I usually get to lick the senduk and periuk for leftovers.

I miss that bubur sora. So, I made some last weekend. Lembik sikit and terlebih bahan rencah dari bancuhan tepung. But I will re-adjust the measurements when I try it again next weekend. Will cook it with the kids. And share with them the story about Moses a.s. leading the israelites out of egypt and the story of noah a.s. and his flock during the great flood. And hope they realize we too have our own celebrations that mark the passing of time.

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